Pendleton Towels - Silver Bark

Pendleton Towels - Silver Bark

Pendleton Towels - Silver Bark

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Pendleton Towels - Silver Bark

Pendleton Jacquard Towels for Home, Beach, Spa & Bath

20 dynamic Pendleton blanket patterns are recreated in super-sized towels for the beach, poolside, spa, bath, or hot tub. They're also great as a throw, to keep in the car or even made into a shawl by fringing three sides! 

The original dates from the 1920s and was recently rediscovered in a private collection. As with most Native American inspired designs, it pays tribute to the beauty of nature. The design brings the sky and earth together in a classic Pendleton design. It features stylized arrow, star, diamond and waterbug motifs in colors inspired by the white and grey bark of Aspen trees against a blue sky. Cherished for the subtle colors that give it the much-loved look of an older blanket, it's a stunning example of an overall pattern.

100% cotton
Machine wash
Size: 40" x 70"

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