Sawtooth Edge Stroud Cloth Closeout

Sawtooth Edge Stroud Cloth Closeout

Sawtooth Edge Stroud Cloth Closeout

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Going through our warehouse recently, we discovered some pieces left over from the good old Sawtooth Edge Stroud Cloth we used to make. These sections range from 13" to 18" wide and are great for breechclouts, bandolier bags, quiver shoulder straps, and many other projects that don't require a full yard of cloth. We were really pleased to find these since we've had so many calls for this since our supplier quit making it due to problems with the red dye not being color fast.

Most of the red pieces we have are from this lot, so we can't guarantee that it won't rub off on white buckskin, etc. However, this cloth is 100% wool and is produced using the traditional techniques of hand-dyeing and "saving" the edges, or "lists," from the dye, thus creating the characteristic white sawtooth edge.

Northern Style with Black Stripes

We also found a bit of our Northern Style which has black stripes running through the white "saved list". First made around Stroud, England in the 1700s, it remained popular through the early 1900s and appears in historical records as "list" or "stroud" cloth. It is the correct 54" width and the ultimate in authenticity!

NOTE: Pieces may vary in width within the ranges shown

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