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Crazy Crow Trading Post
Crazy Crow Trading Post - Powwow and Native American Indian Craft Supply
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Crazy Crow

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Mink Velour Blankets
Mink Velour Blankets!
You'll fall in love with this high quality blanket. It's soft to the touch with extra weight for added warmth and with Native American patterns on both sides.
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Native American Sun Dress
Native American Sun Dresses!
One of our newest items this year, these sun dresses are sure to please. Available in adult and child sizes in 3 colors, you're sure to stay cool in the summer heat.
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Pow Wow Dance Clothes & Accessories

Native American Indian Craft Supplies & Mountain Man Craft Supply

Crazy Crow manufactures many popular and much-needed items used in making Native American Indian Indian regalia and Rendezvous & Reenactor outfits. We carry a large selection of hard-to- get, but essential items for your traditional Native American, Rendezvous and Frontier outfits.

Beads Beads: Glass, Metal, Other
Seed Beads, Cut Beads, Rocailles, Pony Beads, Crow Beads, Tile Beads, Trade Beads & more..
Beading Supplies Beading Supplies
Needles, Thread, Bead Looms, Beeswax, Bead Graph Paper, Buckle Blanks & more..
Beadwork for Projects Beadwork for Projects
Beaded Rosettes & Strips, Beaded Cuffs & Moccasin Tops, Beaded Clouts, Aprons & more..
Stringing Material, Lace & Thong Stringing Supplies
Artificial Sinew, Genuine Sinew, Buckskin Leather Thong, Suede Leather Lace, Greek Leather Cord, Latigo Laces, Rawhide Laces, Stinging Wire (Tiger Tail), Waxed Cord & more..
Bone & Horn Bone & Horn
Bone & Horn Hairpipe, Tubes, Beads, Choker Spacers, Pendants & more..
Beads Jewelry Findings
Shell & Stone Hishi, Beads & Nuggets, Liquid Silver & Gold, Silver & Gold Beads, Clasps, Pendants & MUCH more..
Metal Craft Supply Metal Craft Supply
Buckles, Buttons, Conchos, Cones, Jingles, Spots, Tacks, Thimbles, Mirrors & more..
Beads Bells
Copper & Nickel Sheep Bells, Nickel Sleigh Bells, Brass Sleigh Bells, Hawk Bells & more..
Feathers Feathers
Spike & Wing Feathers, Hackles & Fluffs, Realistic Hand-Painted Feathers, Exotic Feathers, Pheaasnt Skins & more..
Leather Leather
Buckskin, Elk Hide, Cowhide, Rawhide, Strap Leather Sides & Strips, Latigo Sides & Moccasin Soles, Tanning Tools & more..
Furs, Faces & Tails Furs, Faces & Tails
Otter, Coyote, Mink, Skunk, Beaver, Badger, Raccoon, Rabbit, Ermine, Fox, Buffalo, Icelandic Sheep, Angora, & more..
Animal Parts Animal Parts
Horsehair & Tails, Porky Hair & Quills, Deer Tails, Steer Horns, Buffalo Skulls & Horns, Other Skulls, Jawbones & more..
Claws & Teeth Claws & Teeth
Deer Toes, Dew Claws; Lynx, Porky, Coyote & Badger Claws; Beaver, Porky, Coyote & Water Buffalo Teeth; Replica Claws, Teeth & Feet
Shells Shells
Shell Discs: Conch, Abalone, Melon, Mother of Pearl, Paua, Brown Lip; Cowrie Shells, Wampum, Dentallium Shells & more..
Fabric & Fringe Fabric & Fringe
Frings: Flat, Chainette, Spool; Broadcloth, Tradecloth, Stroud Cloth; Satin & Taffeta Ribbon; Old-Time Fabrics & more..
Sample Cards Sample Cards
Sample Cards: Leather, Cloth, Fringe, Beads (9 type bead cards)

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