Ringtop Cowrie Shells - Drilled

Ringtop Cowrie Shells - Drilled

Ringtop Cowrie Shells - Drilled


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Ringtop Cowrie Shells are cream colored with orange ring. These ringtop cowrie shells are drilled with one hole in the top. They work great for ends of bandoliers, necklaces, braid ties, dresses, etc.

The Ring Top Cowrie is a modern import from Southeast Asia which has become very popular in the 20th Century through the present. It is characterized by an orangish line which "rings" the top of the shell. Thus the name "Ring Top". They are a grayish on top with a cream-colored edge and underside. While popular for many of the same Native American craft uses as the Money Cowrie, they would not be the typical choice for use on dresses where the money cowrie were used in place of elk teeth.

Size ranges on average 5/8" to 13/16".

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