Czech Glass Twisted Bugle Beads - Size 3

Czech Glass Twisted Bugle Beads - Size 3

Czech Glass Twisted Bugle Beads - Size 3

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Crazy Crow Trading Post offers fine quality, tubular, silver lined glass twisted bugle beads. These twisted bugle beads are very popular for earrings, necklaces, etc. The finest quality bugle beads have been made in Czechoslovakia for over 100 years.

Size 3: 7 mm (approx 1/4", 750/oz.)

About our Bugle Beads

Bugle beads are technically part of the seed bead "group" as they are available in very small sizes that are really useful for creating delicate seed bead jewelry. They are available in a wide variety of colors, finishes and twists. They are sized in length by using numbers associated with their length in millimeters.

Other Sizes and Type Bugle Beads offered

Regular Tubular Bugle Beads
Size 5: 11 mm (approx 7/16", 350/oz.)
20 mm: 3/4" (approx 160/oz.)
25 mm: 1" (approx 130/oz.)

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