Czech Pony Beads - 5/0 Loose

Czech Pony Beads -  5/0 Loose

Czech Pony Beads - 5/0 Loose

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NOTE: 001 (black) & 026 (white) are less expensive than other regular colors.

Beads in the early fur trade were an important commodity because they were in great demand and easily packed and transported. Pony beads were first introduced to Indians by French explorers in the early 17th Century and were immediately popular and well suited for use in decorating Indian garments. Great for early period beadwork, necklaces, and other ornaments.

Pony beads are basically a large seed bead. Some say these beads got their name because they were transported by traders on ponies, while other sources dispute this. Pony beads are typically found in sizes 5/0 and 8/0. Also referred to as "E" beads. The 8/0 is the most commonly used size. These beads are used for the same purposes as seed beads but the work is obviously not as fine.

Loose: Approx 300 beads/ounce.

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