Owl Feathers 5-Feather Fan Set

Owl Feathers 5-Feather Fan Set

Owl Feathers 5-Feather Fan Set

(Single feathers shown)

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Imitation Owl Feathers - Hand Painted, Top Quality Feathers for 5-Feather Fan Set

Priced per 5-Feather Fan Set. Carefully selected and matched feathers, trimmed, shaped, and painted to create feather sets for feather fans.

About Our Hand Painted Feathers

Our top quality hand painted feathers look so much like the real thing, you'll find them perfect for achieving that authentic look. The finest turkey feathers are selected by hand, then expertly trimmed to the perfect size and painted by hand to look just like real Owl feathers. All of this combines to make them difficult to distinguish from the actual feather. These are the finest hand painted imitation Owl feathers available!

Also available as: Singles & 7 Feather Fan Sets.


Note: Single feathers pictured. Fan set not available at time of photo shoot.

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