Deerskins Into Buckskins, 2nd Edition - Richards

Deerskins Into Buckskins, 2nd Edition - Richards

Deerskins Into Buckskins, 2nd Edition - Richards

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Book: 240 pages, 150 photos and illustrations

2nd edition features a new 15 minute step that creates:

  • Easier to soften Hides.
  • Hides that come out super soft.
  • Hides that take the dressing even when dry, which in turn:
    • Removes the variability of trying to get the perfect moisture content before dressing.
    • Makes it much easier to get complete brain penetration on thick hides, which makes tanning thicker hides such as moose, elk or even thick deer, way less work.
    • Makes it so you can skip one of the wringing steps (which takes 15 minutes itself).

This step is such a great improvement that it has really motivated me to put out this new edition.

  • Other key new highlights include:
  • Different skinning cuts for a better hide shape.
  • How to tan Moose, Elk & Antelope.
  • Bibliography (thorough and user-friendly).
  • Important improvements to the Bucking process.
  • Important improvements to the Dressing step-by-step, to ensure success for first timers.
  • A step-by-step guide to varying this books' Basic Method if you want to tan without the bucking step.
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