Copper Cones - 1"

Copper Cones - 1"

Copper Cones - 1"

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Genuine copper (not plated) with a bright and shiny finish.

Metal cones or "tinklers" as they are often referred to in accounts dating back several centuries, have been a favorite Native American ornament since the 17th century. These metal cones are made of a sheet metal trapezoid shape that is rolled into a cone.

Once available in brass and then tin, the small decorative metal cones are now available in tin, aluminum, brass, and copper. All are slightly smaller at the top than at the bottom, and are made in several sizes.

These metal cones are attached to knife sheaths, moccasins, bags, or other clothing such as scalp locks on war shirts (with long horsehair inserted). Tufts of dyed deer or other fur or feathers are often inserted into these cones as well.

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