A Circle of Power - William F. Higbie

A Circle of Power - William F. Higbie

A Circle of Power - William F. Higbie

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A Circle of Power by William F. Higbe is the story of a young Plains Indian boy seeking manhood. Well-written and simply told, this story goes beyond the boundaries of time and place as Bull Calf learns about feelings with which all young people must come to terms.

Bull Calf, the young hero, deals with issues as difficult as the death of his mother and becoming a participating member of his culture. He also learns that manhood is more than just doing brave deeds and that cooperating for the good of the group sometimes takes a great deal of courage.

In a straight-forward, enjoyable style, Higbie's book is an excellent introduction to Plains Indian life that leaves behind the myths and stereotypes. Both adults and young people of both sexes will enjoy this book. It will make an excellent addition to the library of anyone who would like an interesting, factual portrayal of the life of the Native American of the Plains prior to the arrival of the white man.

An excellent introduction to Plains Indian life for everyone and a Great Read!

88 pages, SC

About William F. Higbie Jr.
Born in Hackensack, N.J. on 7/26/48, died 3/7/20. Traveled the eastern powwow circuit back in the 1950s and the western Rendezvous circuit into the 1990s. He had a degree in theater and speech and was a master of the English language. He wrote several fiction story books featuring American Indians. He will be remembered in the rendezvous circuit as an accomplished 4 string banjo player.

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