Building the Sinew Backed Bow with Mike Yancey - DVD

Building the Sinew Backed Bow with Mike Yancey - DVD

Building the Sinew Backed Bow with Mike Yancey - DVD

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In this bow making DVD, master bow maker, Mike Yancey, shares the secrets and techniques that he has learned through years of hands on experience building the self bow. Well known for his beautifully crafted bows that draw smoothly and cast arrows with great authority, Mike teaches you how to build your own sinew backed bow. The highly detailed instructions and vivid color filming will show you exactly how the following steps are accomplished. Excellent for beginners as well as seasoned bow makers!

Chapters Include:

  • Roughing Out the Bow
  • Clay Backing
  • Tip Overlays
  • Forms & Heat Bending
  • Tillering
  • Artwork & Finish
  • Sinew Backing
  • Rawhide Backing
  • Snakeskin Backing
  • About Mike Yancey

    Mike Yancey is from Van Buren Arkansas, and has been in an expert trapper and fur trader for over 35 years. He has hunted AR, AL, MS, OK, TX, KS, NM, CO, WY, NWT, Alberta, Manatoba and Saskatchewan Canada with primitive bows of his making. He has taken turkey, coyote, bobcat, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, antelope, wild hog, javelina, caribou, black bear and most small game with primitive bow and arrow. For Mike, primitive archery is a way of life.

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