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Our fine line of pottery mugs are made in the U.S., fashioned in the spirit of early America. They represent several styles popular from the 1600s to 1840s, and each is hand-turned so there are subtle variations between pieces. These mugs are completely safe (lead-free) and can be used in the modern kitchen, as well as at camp.

A - Bristol Bell Mug
Our Brown Bell Mug was one of the most popular styles from the 1600s to 1850s, used by the common man of many countries. It features an Albany Slip Glaze and holds a generous 16 ounces.

B - 4-Ring Colonial Mug
Widely used by folks of all types, this handsome tan mug bears 4 decorative rings and a salt glaze as was used in colonial times. 16 oz.

C - Fleur de Lis Bell Mug
A colorful multi-colored mug with a pleasing bell shape, this 14 oz. cup also features the fleur de lis in its design. Appropriate for recreating the period from the 1600s to 1800s.

D - White Colonial Thistle Mug
The thistle design was used by the British, Scottish and their descendants in America, including such groups as Roger's Rangers. This 16 oz. mug features a white Bristol Glaze and colonial blue markings.

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