Preciosa Cornelian Star Beads - 7mm

Preciosa Cornelian Star Beads - 7mm

Preciosa Cornelian Star Beads - 7mm

(50 Gram Package)

Product No. 8531-007


Normally: $15.50

Unit description: 50 Gram Pkg (may assort colors for 10 pkg price)

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1 ~ 50 Gram Pkg + $15.50 /~ 50 Gram Pkg

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Preciosa 7mmm Cornelian Star Beads are a new type of bead created by Preciosa Ornela that combines transparent colors over white opaque glass. These beads have a round hole, an intermediate layer of white chalk with rounded edges and a star shape, finished with a layer of colored transparent glass in colors of purple, black, blue, green, turquoise, yellow, orange and red. Beautiful star shape around the hole and interesting white striations show through all sides.

These Preciosa Cornelian Star Beads are available in both 6mm and 7mm

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