Coin Concho -Buffalo Nickel (front), 7/8"

Coin Concho -Buffalo Nickel (front), 7/8"

Coin Concho -Buffalo Nickel (front), 7/8"

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Each 7/8" Buffalo Nickel (front) Coin Concho is fully die-struck on both sides making it an exact replica of its original. Made from zinc and finished in sterling silver, each coin concho has a screw post back for easy attachment. Take advantage of these great reproductions. Coin conchos are available as Morgan Dollars (front or back), Indian Head Pennies (front or back), Buffalo Nickels (front or back), Mercury Dimes (front), and Oregon Trail Half Dollars (front or back). See available products below for these other coin conchos.

The Buffalo Nickel represented a marked departure from previous US coin designs. Until 1913, most designs, especially on the gold and silver coins, included a female representation of Liberty. Even the Indian Head Cent design was of a female, wearing an Indian chief's headdress. This also applies to the 1907 $10 Indian Head design by Augustus Saint-Gaudens. However, in 1913, the new Nickels brought together two purely American designs: an American bison and an Amerindian male. This was a rather nostalgic combination as the Indians of the Great Plains had long since been confined to reservations and the buffalo herds had been decimated, but America was, and always has been, fascinated with Indian lore. Thus, the Buffalo Nickel became an instant hit, and has remained popular with collectors for a century.

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