Northern Cree - Ewipihcihk CD

Northern Cree - Ewipihcihk CD

Northern Cree - Ewipihcihk CD

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Northern Cree - Ewipihcihk - CD

From Saddle Lake Cree Nation, 6-time Grammyᆴ nominee Northern Cree have shared their talent with audiences all over the globe for more than twenty five years. ᅠAt the heart of the Northern Cree Drum is a commitment to sing for the people and to their Cree culture. Onᅠ this recording, Northern Cree pays tribute to the Round Dance, the social gathering that is at the heart of wintertime in Cree country.

1. Young and Free (4:16)
2. Kayas Siya (From Long Ago, 4:26)
3. Broken Hearts (6:10)
4. Stutter (5:10)
5. Northern Straights (4:56)
6. Crazy Romance (4:04)
7. She Was Gone (4:38)
8. Dreaming of Legends (4:09)
9. The Pihcihk (5:19)
10. Lovely Lies (5:09)
11. Hearts in His Eyes (6:59)
Total Time: 57:23
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