Young Spirit - Save Me a Lead CD

Young Spirit - Save Me a Lead CD

Young Spirit - Save Me a Lead CD

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Young Spirit - Save Me a Lead - CD

2013 Gathering of Nations Northern Drum and Hand Drum Singing Champions

As wintertime sweeps the prairies that the Cree peoples of Alberta call home, the season of the Round Dance arrives. At the heart of this tradition are the songs that call the people to dance, laugh and join together as one. Acclaimed singing group Young Spirit has inherited the tradition of Round Dance singing and always get the people dancing. Step into the Round Dance season and experience Young Spirit Rock n Roll!

1. Sad and Blue (4:25)
2. Mosom Baptiste Quinney (3:36)
3. Save Me a Lead (2:44)
4. My Love is True (3:21)
5. The Word Song (4:13)
6. Tan Some Hide (3:56)
7. Yours Forever, Faithfully (4:04)
8. You Better Believe It (4:53)
9. Tâtpwê  (Round Dance version, 4:40)
10. Lost and Confused (3:48)
11. Unconditional Love (4:00)
12. YS Rock'n'Roll (5:36)
13. Picking Roses (5:28)
14. Old Memories (4:31)
15. Pim�tisiwin (Life) (5:03)

Total Time: 65:20

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