Young Bird & Northern Cree - Double Platinum - CD

Young Bird & Northern Cree - Double Platinum - CD

Young Bird & Northern Cree - Double Platinum - CD

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Young Bird & Northern Cree - Double Platinum

With this recording, two of powwow's most popular groups, one a Northern style group and another singing in the style of the Southern Plains are featured side by side. For the last two decades, Northern Cree from Saddle Lake, Alberta have been regarded as one of pow-wow's top singing groups blending energetic singing with original songs. Coming from Pawnee, Oklahoma, Young Bird has been blazing their way throughout the powwow trail, thrilling dancers and audiences with their championship Southern style singing. Both groups are in top demand on today's powwow circuit and travel extensively throughout North America. Recorded live at the annual Ermine Skin Band Pow-Wow their singing and drumming talents reveal all the dynamic beauty that is heard at today's powwow.

1. NC.COM (Northern Cree, 3:26)
2. Beginner's Luck (Young Bird, 3:59)
3. Worlds '00 (Northern Cree, 4:54)
4. Deal With It (Young Bird, 3:32)
5. Whassup? (Northern Cree, 3:34)
6. Chieftan Hall (Young Bird, 3:47)
7. Free Flyin' (Northern Cree, 2:09)
8. Poncharelli (Young Bird, 3:55)
9. Nike Town (Northern Cree, 3:32)
10. Baby Dolls II (Young Bird, 4:59)

Total Time: 54:53

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