Frontier & Mountain Man Knives, Swords, Knife Making Kits & Supply

Throwing Knife, Bowie Knife, Civil War Swords, Scottish Dirks, Kits & More..

Authentic Frontier Knives from Crazy Crow. We have spent years researching and manufacturing the finest line of Throwing Knives, Bowies, Daggers, Scalper, Skinner and other knives used by the American mountain man available today. Many other fine camp and period-type knives, folding knives, civil war swords from some of the finest names in knive manufacture, such as Solingen.

Make your own authentic knife with our large selection of knife making supply. We offer over 100 popular, and in many cases hard-to-get knife blades, for every frontier or camp knife style. Handle supply includes: rivets, guards, pommels, knife making books & instruction, and more.