Small Silver Torpedo-Shaped Barrel Catches

Small Silver Torpedo-Shaped Barrel Catches

Small Silver Torpedo-Shaped Barrel Catches

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Small torpedo-shaped silver color screw-type barrel catch.

Gross = 144.

About Barrel Clasps & Torpedo Clasps
A barrel catch or clasp is a type of jewelry clasp that is used to make necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The difference between a barrel clasp and a torpedo clasp is mainly in the shape and size of the clasp. A barrel clasp is wider, while a torpedo clasp is more elongated and tapered. Both clasps have a ring on each side to secure the chain, wire, or other stringing material that beads or other ornaments are strung on to make the jewelry item. Inexpensive gold and silver colored barrel clasps and torpedo clasps are usually made from base metals such as brass, copper, or steel, and then plated with a thin layer of gold or silver.

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