Sage & Cedar Smudge Sticks Sale

September - October Crow Calls Sale ~ Ends 10/31/23

Crazy Crow Trading Post offers these popular Smudge Sticks at a savings of 10%, so stock up while they're available! "Smudging" is the practice of burning the leaves of plants during prayers and ceremonies, the smoke of which becomes incense, and these nice large bundles create a wonderful aroma for use in purification and restoring balance to mind, body and place. Native Americans have long used plants such as these for their healing properties and as aids in spiritual ways.

We also offer a variety of books in the Medicine & Herblore section of our catalog for resources giving complete information on each plant. Please note that Crazy Crow cannot vouch for the medicinal effects of these various products. As for their spiritual properties, we can only quote an old Comanche friend who said, "If you believe in these things, they will work for you."