Willow Backrests

Willow Backrests

Willow Backrests

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Add style, authenticity and comfort to your tipi or camp with these traditional backrests. Our "Indian recliners" are made with small willows and come in two styles. Tripods not included.

Cheyenne Style

The Cheyenne style has red sections with blue borders alternating between natural bands, and they are propor- tions of old Cheyenne originals. Pictured at right in above image.

Blackfoot Style

The Blackfoot style is appropriate for many Northern Plains tipis, with its dark wool edge bindings and tall narrow proportions. In the Golden Age, they would be found in pairs, being used at both the foot and head of bedding. But they can be used outside for a comfortable recliner on a bluebird day. Simply roll them up for compact, easy transport or storage when not in use. Pictured at left in above image.

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