Pendleton Serape Blankets, 64" x 79"

Pendleton Serape Blankets, 64" x 79"

Pendleton Serape Blankets, 64" x 79"

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The Pendleton Serape Blanket is a version of the Mexican serape that stays true to this very classic and historic style, and can serve a multitude of purposes. Pendleton Serape Blanket is a popular lighter weight summer and early fall pow wow blanket for both saving a seat in the dance arena, and as a giveaway item.

While the serape is now very common to both Spanish and Native American textiles, it actually has its roots in the Mexican weaving to tradition. Most commonly, the serape is woven of fine yarns that allow it be lighter in weight than other blankets, with unbalanced stripes of varying widths providing the characteristic serape pattern.

In expert hands, wool takes dye like no other fiber, creating permanently rich color you'll admire for years. The energetic, vibrant stripes of the Pendleton Serape Blanket are inspired by the celebrated serape patterns of Saltillo, Mexico, and woven in Pendleton's US mills.

  • Size: 64" x 79"
  • Unnapped, felt bound
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton woven in our American mills
  • Dry clean
  • Made in USA
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