Canvas Wedge Tents

Canvas Wedge Tents

Canvas Wedge Tents

(7Wx7Lx7H & 10Wx11'2"Lx7H)

Product No. 6996-130


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Crazy Crow Trading Post offers these historically correct wedge tents for re-enacting the French and Indian War, American Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War, or American Civil War eras. Canvas wedge tents were the most popular tents in America from 1755 through the 1860s. They were the most common shelter of the Fur Trade era, with numerous accounts of their use in camps and rendezvous.

Like the originals, our canvas wedge tents feature doors at both ends, allowing the tent to be opened for ventilation or the lifting of one or both sides. Summer heat can be tolerated by opening both ends to allow a cooling breeze through the tent, or since both ends are split up the center, one side can be raised out for a canopy effect.

Traders have the ability to offer wares, yet be able to close down quickly in stormy weather or securely at night. It is also an ideal shelter choice for those who want to sit facing their campfire for warmth without being trapped in an exposed area when a blowing storm comes up.

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