Osnaburg Cloth

Osnaburg Cloth

Osnaburg Cloth

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Osnaburg Cloth is truly authentic and old-time colors often found on longhunter's shirts and frocks. 100% cotton, 44"/45" wide.

Osnaburg Cloth is very popular for historical dress, and particularly for clothing made for historical re-enactmenting individuals and groups. Osnaburg Cloth was used as a fabric for both working clothing for poorer people and slaves, and also by dressmakers for shirts and petticoats. Simply put, osnaburg cloth lends authenticity to historical outfits.

Osnaburg cloth may have been first imported into English-speaking countries from the German city of Osnabrück, from which its name derives. Scottish weavers produced a coarse lint or tow-based linen imitation in the later 1730s, which quickly became the most important variety in east-central Scotland. It was exported mainly to England, the Netherlands, and the American colonies. In the plantation regions of the South, prior to the abolition of slavery, osnaburg cloth was the fabric used most often for garments worn by slaves. It was also for higher-status clothing for underthings, linings and interlinings.

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