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Crazy Crow Trading Post - Powwow and Native American Indian Craft Supply
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The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction - by Barry Hardin, Published by Crazy Crow Trading Post
This is one of our most popular books ever! With 128 pages and over 150 full-color photos and illustrations, The Plains Warbonnet: Its Story and Construction by Barry Hardin has been in the works for years, and is the result of a ton of research and contributions from many fine crafts persons. We've created a preview of several pages for you to get an idea of the quality of the construction detail, historical images, as well as contemporary photos of the warbonnet you're sure to want to make yourself.
Preview Book
Pow Wow Dance Clothes & Accessories
Rendezvous Clothing & Accessories

Native American Dance Fan Kits, Dance Sticks & Gourd Rattle Kits

Quality Native American dance fan craft kits from Crazy Crow provide everything you need to make a flat or loose-feather imitation eagle feather dance fan. A loose feather pheasant tail feather fan kit is also available.

Gourd rattle kits and a variety of dance sticks round out our Indian craft kits for items youíll want to carry in your hands while dancing at your favorite powwow.

While you're looking at our kits, check out the new fan cases we've just introduced. Protect your fan without the expense of a fan box. Convenient carrying along with your other dance regalia.

See Crazy Crow's Craft Focus Article on Native American Flat Fans for detailed information & images.

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Buckskin Fringe, Hand-Rolled, 8"-10" (pkg 12)
Code: 4523-000
Price: $16.00
Loose Fan Kit
Code: 4807-101-121
Price: $14.95
Deluxe Loose Fan Kit
Code: 4807-103-102
Price: $59.00

Pheasant Feather Loose Fan Kit
Code: 4807-105-121
Price: $22.50
Flat Fan Kit
Code: 4807-201-051
Price: $11.95
Deluxe Flat Fan Kit
Code: 4807-203-301
Price: $42.50

Gourd Rattle Kit
Code: 4808-100
Price: $19.95
Aluminum Shaker Rattle Kit
Code: 4808-200
Price: $19.95
Round Rattle Kit
Code: 4886-101-001
Price: $7.95

Flat Fan Handles - Flat Style
Code: 6513-001-002
Price: $18.95
Roach Feather Case - 5-3/4" x 18"
Code: 6520-001-002
Price: $19.95
Large Roach Feather Case
Code: 6520-001-999
Price: $21.75

Medium Dance Fan Case - 6-1/2" x 18-1/2"
Code: 6520-002-002
Price: $21.00
Large Dance Fan Case - 8" x 20"
Code: 6520-002-003
Price: $24.75
X-Large Fan Case - 12" x 28-1/2"
Code: 6520-002-004
Price: $27.50

Jumbo Fan Case - 18" x 26"
Code: 6520-002-005
Price: $29.75
Flat Fan Handles - Women's Thin Style
Code: 6513-001-001
Price: $18.95
Flat Fan Handles - Round Top Style
Code: 6513-001-003
Price: $18.95

Pages: [1] 2

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