Old Stock Genuine Horn Buttons 9/16"

Old Stock Genuine Horn Buttons 9/16"

Old Stock Genuine Horn Buttons 9/16"


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Closeout Save 25% - Per Dozen

We're offering these beautiful Old Stock Genuine Horn Buttons at 25% off while they last. Only 29 dozen left as we start this closeout (July 25). They are a beautiful mottled amber color and are perfect for shirt buttons at 9/16" diameter.

We originally purchased the last remaining stocks of these English-made amber horn buttons that have been stored for over fifty years after the original importer went out of business. These are very finely-made items that exhibit old world craftsmanship from years ago, and they are available in off-white bone, black horn, dark brown mottled horn and a beautiful, honey-amber horn!

These genuine horn buttons are perfect for period shirts, pants and vests, they have four holes and a nice, rimmed edge. Sold by the dozen.

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