Pre-1800s Longhunter & Pre-1850s Mountain Man Shirts

Pullover & Open Front Style Shirts

On Sale Through April 30, 2018

Crazy Crow Trading Post's Pre-1850s Drop Sleeve Shirts & Mountain Man Work Shirts and Pre-1800s Longhunter Hunting Shirts are based on historical research and made from authentic fabrics. For the pre-1800 Eastern Longhunter, commoner, or militiaman, choose from the two Hunting Shirts which are long and loose and worn over one or more under shirts. By the time of the American Revolution, the open front version was popular, while the pull over style is from the earlier French & Indian War Period (Seven Years War and mid- 1700s). Two styles appropriate for the early-to-mid 1800s are our Drop Sleeve Shirt and the Mountain Man Work Shirt. These are available in the authentic prints and solids. As over shirts, each size is approximately 2 sizes larger than a regular shirt. Available in a variety of colors and patterns.