Buffalo Robes - Second Quality Summer Weight

Buffalo Robes - Second Quality Summer Weight

Buffalo Robes - Second Quality Summer Weight

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We have culled out a limited number of buffalo hides that do not fit the specifications of our select winter weight bison robes. Not all robes are used for display. Many crafters use buffalo robes for numerous projects that simply don't require a first quality robe that is suited for use as a 'whole' rug or wall hanging. With this in mind, Crazy Crow Trading Post offers these other grades of buffalo robes to you at significant discounts.

Our second quality summer buffalo hides are being sold at a massive discount from the premium winter weight buffalo robes. There are defects such as bald patches, holes, blemishes and still around the neck area. Still, these second quality summer weight buffalo hides make good tipi flooring and can be used for numerous projects.

Summer Weight Buffalo Hides

The summer weight buffalo hides how very litte defects, but the hair is much shorter and the cape is less full than a premium winter weight hide. These buffalo hide are perfect for tipi flooring, large garments, and home décor. See related items below.

All buffalo hides, regardless of their quality, are full and measure the same in size as the higher quality buffalo robes.

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