Glovers Needles - Size 10G

Glovers Needles - Size 10G

Glovers Needles - Size 10G

(Package of 5)

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Glovers Needles - Size 10G are heavy needles, with sharp, triangular points that easily pierce leather, are designed specially for sewing hides. It is approximately 1-1/4" long.  Anyone sewing buckskin or suede should have several of these available.

In packages of 5 needles.

A Bit of Glovers Needles History
Leather needles are sometimes referred to as Glovers needles because years ago they were used by glovers, who specialized in the art of hand making gloves. These needles are still used today, especially in all types of leather work including shoe making and shoe repairs, belts and leather garments. Leather needles have a triangular point, which enables them to pierce and pass through tough materials such as leather, suede and vinyl without tearing.

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