Heavy Linen Thread, 3-Cord, Waxed

Heavy Linen Thread, 3-Cord, Waxed

Heavy Linen Thread, 3-Cord, Waxed

(1 Lb Spools)

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Unit description: 1 Lb Spools

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Crazy Crow Trading Post offers Heavy Linen Thread, 3-Cord, waxed, in natural, black and brown colors, for for light to medium duty sewing needs such as bags, moccasins, clothing, etc. Linen is the strongest natural textile fiber, making a superior and long-wearing thread that is historically correct for hand sewing. This is heavier than standard sewing thread and excellent for all around sewing of possible bags, knife sheaths, pouches and even clothing and tents. Blending well with natural color fabrics and leathers, this thread is a pleasure to work with. 1 pound spools contain the following approximate yardage: Waxed - 1250, Unwaxed - 1660

  • Natural, black & brown colors may not be available for all 'cord' sizes; select color desired from color option displayed.
  • Available in one-pound spools.
  • 3-Cord is best for most light to medium applications such as bags, pouches, small knife sheaths & clothing.
  • 4-Cord and 5-Cord sizes are better for heavier duty sewing such as shooting bags, knife sheaths, moccasin soles, tents and tipis.
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NOTE: Only select colors and sizes are available at this time, and 4-Cord is only available in Natural color.

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