Diamond Sharpening Tools Sale - SAVE 10%

Crow Calls Sale - Good Thru 4/30/2018

Diamond sharpeners cut fast, producing a keen edge quickly and last almost indefinitely. These sharpeners will give you uninterrupted sharpening in any direction. Diamond sharpeners are not messy like oil stones and are great in the field. Use them on your hunting knife, fish hooks, homeware, or tools. We now offer sharpeners in a few different sizes and styles. Our credit card sharpener only measures 2” x 3-1/4”; perfect for fitting in your wallet. The diamond stones are 2” x 6” and can be affixed to a wood block or other more permanent surface. We also offer a 2-1/4” pocket sharpener which is rounded (w/ fishhook groove) and fits neatly in it pen-style holder.