Economy Porky Roach Kit- Dyed Deer Tails

Economy Porky Roach Kit- Dyed Deer Tails

Economy Porky Roach Kit- Dyed Deer Tails

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Our genuine Porcupine Hair Roach Kits contain the highest quality materials, with the only difference being length and quantity of the porcupine guard hair and number of deer tails included. Each kit contains porky hair, enough deer tails for an outside row of hair, a ready-made hand-braided yarn base in an appropriate color, base cord, tying cord, beeswax, and our highly detailed & well-illustrated instructions so you will be able to make your own fine quality, genuine porky hair roach.

Economy Porky Roach Kit includes:
  • 1 oz porcupine hair for an 15"-16" porky roach
  • 2 deer tails for the outside row of deer hair
  • 12" ready-made roach base
  • base cord
  • tying cord
  • beeswax
  • highly detailed, well illustrated porky roach instructions

Crazy Crow's Economy Porky Roach Kit also include tips and techniques learned over many years of experience, such as sorting porky hair and shaping and storing your roach so it will look good for many years. We also recommend the excellent porky roach how-to video, "Making of a Porky Roach" for anyone interested in learning more or new tips and techniques.

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