Pendleton Creation Turtle Blanket

Pendleton Creation Turtle Blanket

Pendleton Creation Turtle Blanket

(64" x 80")

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Unit description: 64" x 80"

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This Pendleton Creation Turtle Blanket design pays tribute to the Iroquois legend of the earth's creation. Long ago, the world was covered with deep water and there were no people. According to stories, the birds saw the Chief of the SkyWorld, Skywoman, fall from the sky. As she fell, she grabbed the roots of a tree from heaven. The birds spread their wings together to save her. Only the turtle was strong enough to hold her, so they placed her on his back. There she planted the root. As her garden grew, Turtle grew in size first becoming a large island, then finally North America. Part of our Legendary Collection, this design honors stories and symbols of Native American cultures. Each year a new USA made collector's blanket is added to the series.

  • Twin Size: 64 X 80 inches
  • Napped, felt bound
  • Pure virgin wool/cotton
  • Dry clean
  • Made in USA
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