Imitation Hairpipe, 3" Ivory

Imitation Hairpipe, 3" Ivory

Imitation Hairpipe, 3" Ivory

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These ivory colored plastic hairpipe are an excellent substitute, at a fraction of the cost, for the much more expensive genuine bone hairpipe. They are extremely popular for the same craft uses as the bone hairpipe, especially where cost and weight are an issue.

Ivory Colored Imitation Hairpipe has been popular for decades as a new material for the same craft uses as traditional bone hairpipe (and tubes). The molded plastic hairpipe bead, a tube that is tapered on the ends with a hole through the middle (much larger hole than bone hairpipe) has long been a favorite craft material used for chokers, necklaces, breastplates, bandoliers, and other regalia. Originally made of shell, they were fragile and expensive. With the advent of the use of bone for hairpipes around 1880, their use became exponentially widespread. Imitation hairpipe made of plastic were the next evolution in materials, beginning with ivory color, but then in black, turquoise blue and red. 

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