Old Cane Chevron Bead - Green - 20 x 25 mm

Old Cane Chevron Bead - Green - 20 x 25 mm

Old Cane Chevron Bead - Green - 20 x 25 mm

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NOTE: Above image is approximately actual size.

This limited supply of genuine old stock, Italian 6-layer Chevron beads were purchased over 20 years ago. Venetian bead-makers have always maintained the finest quality, and these beads are no exception, both in color and uniformity. Plus, they feature the attractive, old semi- gloss finish characteristic of older beads.

Chevron beads have been traded for centuries the world over and are highly desirable today as collectors' items and use in jewelry. Genuine Venetian chevrons in this size and quality will probably never be reproduced, so we encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity while we still have this small remaining supply.

Available ONLY in green (203) and in one size, 20mm x 25mm (25mm = 1 inch). Dimensions are approximate, as there are minor variations due to the fact that these beads are completely hand made. See Related Products for our other sizes & styles of Chevron Beads.

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