Jumbo Imitation Eagle Wings, Bulk

Jumbo Imitation Eagle Wings,  Bulk

Jumbo Imitation Eagle Wings, Bulk

(1/2 lb pk)

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Priced per 1/2 pound; Approximately 210 per pound.

With black dyed tips, our Bulk Jumbo Imitation Eagle Wings are the best quality for the money. Available in Bulk (un-selected) at considerable savings, or in Hand Select for best quality, size and shape. Furnished in 1/2 rights and 1/2 lefts. Terrific for war bonnets, fans, bustles and other feather projects!  Size is currently approximately 12".

Feather Crafts Tip

We furnish our special, fully-illustrated "Feather Preparation Tips" sheet free with all Wing Feather Orders.

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