Turkey Wing Spikes Extra Select - 13"+

Turkey Wing Spikes Extra Select - 13"+

Turkey Wing Spikes Extra Select - 13"+


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Turkey Wing Spikes

We offer 4 basic types of these "pointer" feathers. The shortest ones are 8-10" long for Arm Bustles. The 12-14" length are best for small bustles and the longer ones are stronger, with the quill bases normally in better condition, which are best for adult bustles. They are especially desirable for arrow fletching due to their great strength. Tips can often be improved with some careful trimming, regardless of the quality selected.

Extra Select Wing Spikes

These feathers are selected for the best tips and are sold by the dozen and 6 dozen in half rights and half lefts. They have the web running the full length of the quill and are best for Traditional and Swing Bustles where the tip is not stripped.

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