Trade Wool - 85% Wool

Trade Wool - 85% Wool

Trade Wool - 85% Wool

(Priced Per 1/2 yd, yard & 3 yds.)

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Wool Uniform Cloth Colors: Last Chance to Buy at this Price!

This is high quality, tightly woven wool broadcloth for military uniforms as well as civilian garments. Its 21 ounce weight and fine finish makes it ideal for men's breeches, waistcoats, jackets, coats, greatcoats and women's cloaks. It is available in 11 historically accurate colors, as shown, in 85% wool, 60” wide.

Save when you buy 3 or more yards!!

This high quality, tightly woven wool broadcloth has a pleasing garment finish making it great for aprons, breechclouts, leggings, skirts, blankets, coats and military uniforms. It's ideal for beadwork and ribbonwork and was often bound with ribbon, braid or a felt binding (often cut with a sawtooth edge to simulate Stroud Cloth. 60" wide & 85% wool, it comes in 13 beautiful, bright colors. Sold per 1/2 yard & yard. Made in the USA.
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