Genuine German-Tan Smoked Buckskin

Genuine German-Tan Smoked Buckskin

Genuine German-Tan Smoked Buckskin

(Sizes:12-14 sf, 14-16 sf, 16-18 sf,18-20 sf, 20-22 sf )

Product No. 1600-670


Normally: $89.00

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Crazy Crow Trading Post is pleased to be able to offer Genuine German-Tan Smoked BuckskinThere in five sizes. Anyone who has handled or smelled these types of hides know that there is just no substitute for genuine, smoked buckskin and we have it! Our fine quality German tanned hides are smoked just like brain-tanned hides, which give them that authentic color and smell. If you want buckskin for clothes and moccasins to wear in the woods, then these are the hides for you. Complete with that unmistakable, smokey aroma and a nice tan color, it can be re-softened after becoming wet.

Smoking forces tannic acid around the hide's fibers. If the smoked skin gets wet (in a rain storm, walking in puddles, etc.), it will be slightly stiff after it dries out. To 're-soften' the hide, you simply rub it between your hands.

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