German Tanned Buckskin - White

German Tanned Buckskin - White

German Tanned Buckskin - White

(Sizes: 12-14SF, 14-16 sf, 16-18 sf, 18-20 sf, 20-22 sf)

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These beautiful hides are the closest we've ever seen to real brain tan buckskin. Nicely sueded on both sides, it's a joy to bead on, so you won't have to worry about broken needles or pierced fingers when using our hides!

The great advantage of German Tan Buckskin over traditional brain tan buckskin is that it does not have to be smoked to allow easy re-softening after becoming wet; even easier than the best smoked brain tan! According to master craftsman Barry Hardin, this is the best buckskin he's ever used, next to brain tan. Available in two colors, "natural" has a very even color like a lightly smoked hide, while "white" is a nice, creamy white. Weight is just right for dresses, leggings, shirts, moccasins, pipebags, etc.

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