French Linen Thread - Size 100

French Linen Thread - Size 100

French Linen Thread - Size 100

(50 Meter Capsule)

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Imported from France, this fine quality, 100% French Linen Thread - Size 100, is extremely strong and does not stretch, thus giving it the ability to hold a tight knot and making it particularly well-suited for hand sewing of clothing & leather. The natural look of a linen thread seam enhances the aesthetic appearance. Also excellent for use as warp threads in loom beadwork, it is often seen on original pieces and is great for jewelry making and stringing beads. The perfect, all around thread, it is lightly waxed, but not sticky, and quite smooth, making it a pleasure to work with. Size 100 is the finest, a bit lighter than quilting thread; Size 40 is heavy and best for possible bags, sheaths, buttons, and heavy fabric.

French Linen Thread: Size 100, Natural & Black (50 Meter Capsule)

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