Catlinite Pipes Sale

Crow Calls Sale - SAVE 10% Through 2/28/2018

Save 10% on select Catlinite Pipes from Crazy Crow through February 28, 2018. Select Native American and Buckskinner-style Catlinite Pipes are included in the Crow Calls Sale.

Crazy Crow Trading Post's Catlinite Pipes are expertly handcrafted from genuine Minnesota pipestone by a fifth generation Oglala Sioux pipemaker. Each pipe is polished to a soft luster and treated with beeswax for protection.

Genuine Catlinite is a deep red color and found only in a deposit in Minnesota, an area that is under control of the U.S. National Park Service, called Pipestone National Monument. Only Native Americans are allowed to obtain Catlinite from this area, which is named after the famous artist, George Catlin. He was the first white man known to have visited the quarry in the mid-1800s.

Ceremonial use of tobacco by Native Americans was, and still is, widespread, and the pipe plays a very important, integral part in that practice, both in daily life and special and ceremonial occasions. These pipes are typically made of "Catlinite," which is a deep red pipestone found only in Minnesota.