Dyed Deer Tails

Dyed Deer Tails

Dyed Deer Tails

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Long haired northern bucktails - select color desired.

You may find other craft ideas for these, but primarily used for the inner and outer rows of the porky roach and tassles for gourd rattles & peyote staffs.

Fly Tying Materials

Besides their use in Native American crafts, bucktails, as well as fox (and other tails), natural and dyed saddle hackles and marabou are popular for use in fly tying. Crazy Crow's natural association with these products for their use in American Indian crafts makes us a great source for folks who make fishing lures as well!

See Dyed Saddle Hackles, Dyed Marabou, Natural Saddle Hackles, Fox & other tails.
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