Gold Elk Hides (11-25 sf)

Gold Elk Hides (11-25 sf)

Gold Elk Hides (11-25 sf)

(Sizes:11-13 sf, 23-25 sf)

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Larger and heavier than buckskin, our half and full sides of gold elk hides are perfectly suited for larger garments such as dresses and coats, shooting bags, heavy duty, long- wearing moccasins and other large projects.

Our Gold Elk hides have a beautiful, "Light Smoked" buckskin-color. Larger elk hides are often cut in half to facilitate tanning but are still large and are often as wide as a large deer hide. Usually, one of these hides will make an entire skirt or top for a dress or body of a shirt. Sueded on one side.

Available in three traditional colors (gold, willow, white - see related items below.

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