All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits (5"-6")

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits (5"-6")

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits (5"-6")

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Hackle Bustle Kit with 5"-6" Hackles

All highly select materials for a modern bustle set. Our extensively illustrated instructions allow even the beginning craftsman to produce a fine set of bustles that are correctly made from the best materials.

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kit includes:

  • Hackles for 2 outer rows contain approximately 24 hackles per row per feather and a base row containing 12 hackles (you choose colors).
  • 72 select 14"+ spikes (choose color)
  • matching pair of 3" rosettes
  • 1 roll of flagging tape (choose color)
  • 3 rolls of colored plastic tape (choose color)
  • 2 plywood bases
  • leather for base loops
  • 4 each 18" & 40" shoelaces
  • 4 spools heavy thread for tying hackles
  • 1 bottle craft glue
  • illustrated instructions

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS: Please specify 1 color each for Hackles for the Outside Row, Middle Row, and Base Row; 2 or 3 colors (red, white, blue, yellow, orange or green) for plastic tape, and 1 color (red, white, blue, or fluorescent yellow, green, red & pink) of flagging tape.

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