All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits ("5-6")

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits ("5-6")

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kits ("5-6")

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These are our finest quality hackle bustle kits and the latest style for Fancy Dancers, featuring all hackles and the popular new "flagging". Our extensively illustrated instructions allow even the beginning craftsman to produce a fine set of bustles that are correctly made from the best materials.

All Hackle Super Deluxe Bustle Kit with 5"-6" hackles includes:

  • Hackles for 2 outer rows contain approximately 24 hackles per row per feather and a base row containing 12 hackles (you choose colors).
  • 72 select 14"+ spikes (choose color)
  • matching pair of 3" rosettes
  • 1 roll of flagging tape (choose color)
  • 3 rolls of colored plastic tape (choose color)
  • 2 plywood bases
  • leather for base loops
  • 4 each 18" & 40" shoelaces
  • 4 spools heavy thread for tying hackles
  • 1 bottle craft glue
  • illustrated instructions

ORDER INSTRUCTIONS: Please specify 1 color each for Hackles for the Outside Row, Middle Row, and Base Row; 2 or 3 colors (red, white, blue, yellow, orange or green) for plastic tape, and 1 color (red, white, blue, or fluorescent yellow, green, red & pink) of flagging tape.

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