Elk & Deer Rawhide Lace

Elk & Deer Rawhide Lace

Elk & Deer Rawhide Lace

(50 Feet/Package)

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Our Elk & Deer Rawhide Lace are cut from top quality Elk & Deer Rawhide, and is sold in 2 pieces 25 feet long, for a total of 50 feet of lace! This is a great buy as Elk and Deer is much stronger than rawhide made from cow and is perfect for drums, war clubs, and other projects where a heavy, pre-cut rawhide lace is preferred.

Elk Rawhide Lace: 1/4" wide; 2 pieces x 25 feet
Deer Rawhide Lace: 1/8" wide; 2 pieces x 25 feet

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