Native American Style Love Flute Kit

Native American Style Love Flute Kit

Native American Style Love Flute Kit

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Make your own custome Native American Style Love Flute

Also known as a "courting flute", this kit provides everything you need to make a truly unique Native American Style Love Flute.

Cut from aromatic cedar, this kit includes:

  • two flute halves
  • "birdie"
  • sinew
  • leather lace
  • reed material
  • sandpaper
  • loon head pre-form
  • assembly instructions

Legend of the Native American Love Flute

People listen to and play the Native American flute for any number of reasons: reflection, meditation, relaxation, even prayer. According to the Lakota Legend of the Flute, this was not the intended purpose.

The "love flute," according to legend, was originally an instrument of courting. The legend speaks of a young man, while hunting in the forest, came upon a tree which had been eaten away by termites and pecked with holes by woodpeckers. As the wind stirred, a beautiful sound came from its branches. The young man removed a branch and returned to his village. This branch would become the first flute. As an instrument of courting, the flute was played only by men. It was believed that when a young man played his flute, the wind would carry the song into the heart of his chosen love. Read Lakota Love Flute Legend

Today, Native American flutes are used for many reasons besides courting, and more and more woman are making and playing flutes as well.

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