Plain Colonial Pen with Metal Nib

Plain Colonial Pen with Metal Nib

Plain Colonial Pen with Metal Nib

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Our Plain Colonial Dip Pen with Metal Nib is a very comfortable writing pen in hand and equipped with a steel nib for smooth application. It’s style is very representative of those used during the American colonial period. The pen shafts are turned from hardwood and are offered in both hardwood and bone, and both plain and fancy styles (see related items below). The total length of this Plain Colonial Pen with metal nib measures around 7-1/2". These Colonial era pens are perfect for period correct writing techniques or colonial décor for historic reenactors.

History of Writing Pens & Use of Metal Nibs

The history of writing pens started in Ancient Egypt where scribes invented reed dip pens (pens dipped into the ink) to replace styluses and the laborious effort required to write in clay (not to mention greater ease in storing papyrus Although a huge improvement over the stylus, this pen was too rigid and its point didn’t last long. This led to the use of quills - pens made from the molted flight feathers of large birds. These quill pens were also made by making a point at thicker end but feathers were cured before the use and could maintain the point longer. They were popular in the Western World from the 6th to the 19th century until steel pens appeared. Although metal nibs for dip pens were used in Ancient Rome, they were not popular until they were mass produced in 19th century. This is not an uncommon occurance for a 'new' invention. The zipper was invented about 100 years before materials and technology made it efficient and cost-effective for mass production and use.

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