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Crazy Crow Trading Post - Powwow and Native American Indian Craft Supply
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Crazy Crow

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Mink Velour Blankets
Mink Velour Blankets!
You'll fall in love with this high quality blanket. It's soft to the touch with extra weight for added warmth and with Native American patterns on both sides.
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Native American Sun Dress
Native American Sun Dresses!
One of our newest items this year, these sun dresses are sure to please. Available in adult and child sizes in 3 colors, you're sure to stay cool in the summer heat.
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Pow Wow Dance Clothes & Accessories

Native American Weapons: Arrows, Arrowheads, Spearheads

Native American Arrowheads: Iron Arrowheads- Flint Arrowheads

Great looking arrowheads and spear points made from light gray or rose colored flint. Variety of arrowhead and spearhead sizes. Our iron arrowheads are patterned after points found dating back to 1750 and in use thru the 1850s.

Primitive Native American Arrows & American Indian Arrow Kit

Our handmade arrows feature a traditional forged iron point, natural turkey wing feather fletching and high quality shafts with handcarved, integral nocks wrapped with cord or sinew. Authentic arrow kit contains all natural materials for making your own replica of a Plains Indian arrow.

Native American Flint Knife & Kit- Obsidian Knife & Kit- Authentic American Indian Flint Artifacts

Flint & obsidian blades are hand- made and approx. 3-1/2 to 4 in length. Makes the perfect authentic knife when added to a stag handle and tied with sinew.

Crazy Crow Trading Post
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Flintknapping with Bruce Bradley, PhD
Code: 4085-001-008
Price: $20.00
Basic Flintknapping Techniques DVD
Code: 4085-001-010
Price: $20.00
Flint Arrowheads - Birdpoints - 1 - 1.5"
Code: 4508-010-125
Price: $1.75

Flint Arrowheads - 2 - 2.5"
Code: 4508-010-225
Price: $3.25
Small Flint Arrowheads
Code: 4508-011-125
Price: $0.95
Flint Spearheads - 5"
Code: 4508-021-050
Price: $43.50

Flint Spearheads - 6"
Code: 4508-021-060
Price: $52.00
Flint Spearheads - 7"
Code: 4508-021-070
Price: $61.00
Flint Spearheads - 8"
Code: 4508-021-080
Price: $69.00

Flint Spearheads - 9"
Code: 4508-021-090
Price: $79.00
Flint Spearheads - 10"
Code: 4508-021-100
Price: $87.00
Bird Point Arrowheads- Flint & Obsidian
Code: 4508-05
Price: $11.95

Genuine Neolithic Bird Points
Code: 4508-051-900
Price: $4.95
Flint Blade
Code: 4508-061-400
Price: $32.50
Obsidian Blade
Code: 4508-064-400
Price: $32.50

Primitive Arrow
Code: 4508-070-001
Price: $29.00
Flint Artifacts - 2" Hand Knapped
Code: 4508-090
Price: $2.50
Flint/Obsidian Knife Kit
Code: 4866-320
Price: $42.50

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Crazy Crow Trading Post

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