Warbonnet Kit - Imported Beadwork, Browband & Rosettes

Warbonnet Kit - Imported Beadwork, Browband & Rosettes

Warbonnet Kit - Imported Beadwork, Browband & Rosettes

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Same quality materials as Crazy Crow Trading Post's Deluxe Warbonnet Kit - except imported beadwork vs. Indian hand made beadwork.

Since 1970, we've used only the finest materials for our warbonnet kits and we refuse to substitute inferior quality materials just to offer a low price. In spite of this, our prices are very competitive and we include more components so your bonnets will have plenty of fluffs, side drops, and all the other important elements of this classic American Indian style headdress. In addition to the best components, we provide the most comprehensive, authentic, and best illustrated American Indian style warbonnet kit instructions on the market. You will be proud to wear the headdress you make with quality warbonnet kits from Crazy Crow Trading Post.

Deluxe Warbonnet Kit with Imported Beadwork browband & rosettes includes:

  • 32 select 12-14" imitation eagle feathers
  • 64 select base plumes (specify color)
  • 36 select tip plumes
  • 1 major plume spike and fluff
  • felt square material
  • 1 warbonnet crown
  • genuine leather for strips
  • 1 imported beaded browband
  • 1 pair imported beaded rosettes
  • 1/2 rabbit hide and ribbon
  • 1 primary lace, 1 secondary lace
  • 1 bottle craft glue
  • 1 bunch horsehair
  • 1 spool wrapping thread
  • 1 set illustrated instructions
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